Corporate Services

Through Primal’s health promotion and wellness services, we work with our Corporate Partners to create a healthy workplace conducive to a productive and supportive environment where employees are excited about Fitness and Healthcare!

Recent Health and Wellness Research shows that an effective program can yield the following benefits:
•  27.8% reduction in Sick Leave
•  28.7% reduction in Health Costs
•  33.5% reduction in Disability and Worker’s Compensation Costs.
•  For every dollar invested, there was a savings of $5.50 in cost.

At Primal we have 3 Corporate Programs that can quickly add more bite to your Health and Wellness Approach:

 *Each program includes a corporate discount on Primal Services

We look forward to spreading our passion of health and fitness with your team! Please contact us at, for more information.

 Welcome to the next level of Corporate Wellness,

 Welcome to Primal Human Performance!