Primal Massage Therapy

Are your muscles feeling stiff and sore?

Are your neck, back and shoulders feeling tight and achy?

Do you have knots in your muscles causing tension and discomfort?

Are you pregnant or did you recently have a baby?

Do you feel like your body just isn’t moving the way it should?

If so, why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at Primal Human Performance?

Massage Therapy is a hands-on therapeutic intervention performed by a skilled massage therapist who manipulates the various soft tissues and joints of the body (e.g. skin, muscles, and tendons) using various techniques such as Swedish massage, trigger point therapy or myofascial release to decrease tension, increase blood flow, and improve circulation.

In the hands of skilled massage therapist, massage techniques can be safely used on almost anyone including pregnant women (pre-natal massage), women who have recently given birth (post-natal massage), athletes looking for an edge, or people with general aches and pains.

Due to the nature of massage therapy, it has the potential to positively affect all systems of the body, most notably the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and psychological systems – You’ll leave feeling refreshed, energized, and invigorated!

And because Primal’s massage therapy sessions are individualized for each client’s specific requirements, it’s an excellent treatment for individuals of all ages, from infants to the elderly, and for people of all activity backgrounds, from the sedentary to professional athletes.

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