Congratulations Vaughan Vikings!

Vaughan Vikings Minor PeeWee Rep

Vaughan Vikings Minor PeeWee Rep – 2nd place 2013 Ontario Provincials

A big congratulations to the Vaughan Vikings Minor PeeWee Rep team for their outstanding season, culminating in a 2nd place finish at the 2013 Ontario Provincials!

We’re proud to be the athletic training sponsor of the team and wish all the players continued success in their sporting endeavours.

It was a pleasure working with these youth athletes. We used a functional movement screen to identify specific areas to improve performance and reduce risk of injury.

This screen is the same screen used by professional teams including the Indianapolis Colts, whose former Strength and Conditioning Coach called it the foundation of their program: ” Everything we do builds off of it. We wouldn’t think of not using this program.” 
If you know of any other youth athletic teams that are deserving of community sponsorship, let us know!
Our goals of community sponsorship activities include: 

* Educating youth and their parents on safe training techniques: Education = Prevention 

* Improving performance while having fun: We pride ourselves on this. 

* Giving back to the sporting community: Our team benefitted from Youth Sports and we want to give back! 


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