Primal Physiotherapy

High Performance Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injury? Sport physiotherapy can help.

Primal sports physiotherapy combines specific assessments with individualized treatment planning to ensure that you receive the best physiotherapy care possible in Woodbridge and Vaughan, all whileĀ helping you reach your treatment goals in the shortest time possible.

How physiotherapy should be…

Our unique sport physiotherapy sessions can include specialized manual therapy treatments such as soft tissue release or joint mobilizations as well as specialized active rehabilitation in our fully equipped high performance gym. As stated in our philosophy, we will empower you to push past your mental, physical, and emotional limits and do what you think is impossible.

The best physiotherapists keep learning…

At Primal Human Performance, our highly educated registered physiotherapists never stop learning and keep up with the latest industry research and science to offer you the best care possible. They constantly upgrade their training and are skilled in various forms of advanced kinesiology, manual therapy (soft tissue/myofascial releases, muscle energy techniques, mobilizations etc.), medical acupuncture, and strength and conditioning exercises to get you back to optimal health and ultimate performance as soon as possible.

Physiotherapy can help…

Whether you’re looking to recover from a sports injury, maintain your current level of function, or trying to take your performance to the next level, your Primal Human Performance physiotherapist can not only help you get there, but stay there.

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