The Primal Difference

Not all physiotherapy clinics are built the same. 

This is what separates us from the rest.


1. Treat the Root Cause, No Band Aids.

For thousands of years, humans have moved a certain way – safely and efficiently – using primal movements.

However, pain from injury, trauma or overuse conditions can cause changes in how you move. These faulty patterns can lead to excess wear and tear, which can then lead to even more pain and problems in other seemingly unrelated areas (e.g. knee injury causing a limp which then leads to low back pain).

That’s where our unique version of physiotherapy may be what you need to get healthy, fit and pain free.

Unfortunately, with traditional physiotherapy treatment, the main objective is often only symptomatic pain relief. These therapies and treatments are often made up of temporary band-aid fixes that don’t address the underlying cause of your pain and problems. The root causes.

At Primal Human Performance, we work at identifying and correcting not just the pain you’re experiencing, but also resolving the actual root cause of your problem by taking a holistic approach. Because of this, we can help restore your natural body movements – getting you to move your body the way nature intended.

This unique method not only strengthens and supports the injured area, but the areas surrounding it, thus working at preventing any possible future re-injury.

This is why some of the highest performing athletes in the world use the same training and physiotherapy methods and principles that Primal Human Performance clients do.

2. 100% 1-on-1 Sessions

After a number of years working at other physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics, we built Primal Human Performance because we believe there had to be a better way. Other physiotherapy clinics make you share as the physiotherapist often juggles multiple appointments at the same time. You might only work directly with your physiotherapist for 10-15 minutes for a 60 minute session, left to your own devices for the remainder.

What a waste of time and money.

At Primal Human Performance every physiotherapy session is 100% one-on-one with our specially trained physiotherapists for the entire length of your appointment. You won’t ever share.

This ensures you get the focused attention you require, and deserve, to get the most out of your physiotherapy sessions.

3. High Performance Gym

Be prepared to spend time outside of your physiotherapy treatment room and in our high performance gym!

At Primal Human Performance, we strongly believe that incorporating time in the gym is essential to a achieve full recovery and to improve health and fitness while helping prevent future injuries.

Our carefully designed and appointed gym features exclusive equipment including advanced EliteFTS power cages with specialty bars, functional trainers, ProStyle dumbbells, Kettlebells, Olympic bumper plates, and the real Prowler II conditioning sled.

4. The Best of Both Worlds

Our Practitioners are not only highly educated physiotherapists and massage therapists, they are competitive athletes. Our team has a passion for the science of the body and has amassed over 40 years of training and therapy experience between them. Previous clients include professional athletes from the NHL, AHL, MLB, Olympics and Ironman Triathlons.

5. Results

At Primal Human Performance, we are driven by results. Your results. Seeing you reach your potential is what inspires us to do what we do and why we built Primal Human Performance.

If you want to work with Practitioners who are passionate about making sure you meet your goals, then we should talk.

Call us or come see us today.