Pre and Post Natal-Myths

Highlighting Facts and Exposing Pre and Post-Natal Myths

Pre and post-natal myths surround new and expectant mothers. Pick up any magazine at the grocery store, flip through any newspaper or flip on any┬ádaytime talk show, and you’ll hear chatter about what pregnant women or new mothers should or shouldn’t do.

In this short article we’ll take a look at a few pervasive pre and post-natal myths and deconstruct them.

Myth: It’s dangerous for pregnant women to exercise, so they should take it easy for the whole 9 months.

Fact: While some forms of extremely intense exercise may be contraindicated for pregnant women, most generally healthy women who are medically cleared by their physicians to exercise can do so safely without any risk to either themselves or their unborn child. Pregnancy exercise should be tailored to the mother’s current health status and previous physical activity level. In fact, staying physically active has many positive health benefits for both mother and child and may lead to an easier labour with the potential for fewer complications and a faster post-delivery recovery.

Myth: There is no solution for my pregnancy related Low Back Pain so I’ll just have to tough it out for the whole pregnancy.

Fact: You don’t have to suffer! The baby’s position in the abdomen shifts the mother’s centre of gravity and causes changes in spinal loading by gravity and other muscular forces. Because the core is stretched out, it can’t buffer these forces like it used to. Now combine this with pregnancy-hormone related laxity (loosening of joints and ligaments in preparation for birth and delivery) and things can start moving where they shouldn’t, leading to body parts getting sore and achy. Pregnancy related low back pain can definitely be managed with the appropriate therapy, treatment and postural education by a skilled Primal practitioner.

Myth: There’s nothing I can do to speed up my return to pre-pregnancy shape or better after I have my baby.

Fact: There is PLENTY you can do! This includes making sure you are as active as possible and eating healthy pre and post-natal. By instilling healthy habits during the course of your pregnancy, you can easily slip back into these rituals once baby has arrived and you are medically cleared to commence activity again.

Myth: My belly will go back to its normal size after the baby is born.

Fact: Unfortunately, after baby arrives, that doesn’t mean that your belly will magically return to its former state. While some ladies will have a faster return to a flat belly due to fortunate genetics, most of you will have to work at it to tighten and tone those stretched abdominal muscles while also working at burning off some of that excess belly fat. The good news, we can help you with a healthy, safe, and effective program to get back your pre-pregnancy belly, or better!