Our 100% Promise

We started Primal Human Performance because we believe there’s a better way.

At Primal, you spend 100% of every physiotherapy treatment session with one of our trained and licensed physiotherapists.

One on one physiotherapy treatment. 100% of the time.

Why one on one physiotherapy treatment?

You get focused attention from the start of your session right to the very end.

You won’t have to worry if you’re doing your treatments, therapies, and exercises correctly. You’ll receive immediate feedback on everything you’re doing. You’ll be supervised by highly trained eyes. Because your physiotherapist is by your side.

You’ll get detailed explanations of the possible causes and solutions to your problems. You’ll be directly coached and guided back to optimal function. You’ll get the best physiotherapy value for your healthcare dollar. Because your physiotherapist will be right there next to you.

Not with someone else down the hall.

That’s Our 100% One on One Physiotherapy Treatment Promise.