Youth Therapy & Fitness

If you’re a Youth Athlete looking to improve performance on the field, start looking off the field.  More and more Youth Athletes are starting to realize that High Performers take an all rounded approach to their development.  This approach includes:

High Performance Physical Training focused on the S-Factors of Athletic Sports Performance.  At Primal, this is where we excel.  Our team has worked with NHL, MLB, AHL and Olympic athletes and includes former competitive athletes.  We combine our deep education with this athletic experience to give you a High Performance Training Edge.  Click to Learn More about our Youth Performance Programs (age 8 to 21).

Injury Prevention Training and Rehabilitation: This is how Primal was born! We took an elite group of Physiotherapists and Performance Coaches who understand athletes and created a specialized Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance centre.  Before starting any training program, each athlete is screened and assessed to understand any potential injury risks so that these can be mitigated or even  prevented.  Safety and Education create long term results.   Our experienced sports medicine team of Physiotherapists are able to work with Youth Athletes to both prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Click to Learn More about our Therapy Services.

Nutrition Training: Members of our team are Precision Nutrition certified.

Athletic Skills Training: Remember what you and your Coach worked on yesterday? That was Skills Training.  We work with coaches to create a collaborative and complimentary Athletic Support Team. This allows the coach to focus on coaching skills and strategy

Mental Training is an important aspect of any training program.  At higher levels of athletic development a Sports Psychologist is a key component of the Athletic Support Team.

Welcome to the next stage of Athletic Performance.

Welcome to Primal Human Performance!