Police Health and Wellness

Primal’s approach to Police Officer and Firefighter Health and Wellness care is an all rounded approach made up of 4 components:

Injury Rehab & Prevention: This is how Primal was born! We took an elite group of Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Performance Coaches and created a multi-disciplinary physical therapy clinic. With a High Performance Gym onsite, we utilize a variety of treatment techniques to move you into Active Exercise Therapy –  physical therapy focused on root cause fixes rather than just pain relief.

These techniques can include:

Medical: We work with Medical Doctors and Surgeons (including Orthopedic Surgeons and Neurologists) in the area and form a collaborative Health Services Team.

Physical Fitness:  We understand your job, we hear the stories from our clients, we know being a Police Officer is a physically demanding profession.  Police Officers have to go from 0 to Hero in no time, which means the better their physical fitness, the better their bodies are able to return from the call unscathed.

At Primal, many of our clients move from Injury Rehab & Prevention to our specialized Emergency Professional Training Programs built through our experience with both Firefighters and Police Officers.

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Behavioral Health:  This is an important aspect of care for Police Officers.  As with your medical team we work with your Mental Health Team (including Sports Psychologist) to form a collaborative Health Services Team.

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Welcome to the next level of Firefighter Health and Wellness.

Welcome to Primal Human Performance!