10 Thoughts About Things

Just a few quick thoughts that passed through my mind between clients yesterday evening. In fact, these may have been ALL my thoughts for the day:

  1. There is something special about watching heavy dead lifts done by a client who has just rehabbed from lumbar disc bulges and a surgery.
  2. Bio-Freeze gel is like a magical potion condensed in a tube; how do they get all that coldness squished up in there?
  3. Every single day I become more aware of just how important your glutes are. And by “your” glutes, I mean glutes in general, not your glutes specifically. Although, you should take care of your glutes.
  4. There are a lot of people out there with some form of back pain. And a large proportion of them have sadly resigned themselves to living with it instead of trying to fix it.
  5. Most of them have some form of glute involvement, dysfunction or amnesia.
  6. Chin ups, pull ups and all their variations are very satisfying to do. It reminds me of when I was a siamang in a past life. What’s more satisfying, though, is seeing an adult client do one for the 1st time ever in his life.
  7. Why does it seem so hard to break bad habits and so hard to form new ones? Damn you and your ilk, Haagen Dazs! Why can’t I just put the tub down before it’s empty?
  8. When done correctly, glute bridges will really make the backside burn. And make you walk all funny after. I’veĀ  just come to realize that I may be a little glute obsessed.
  9. Computers really make me slouch. A lot. For long periods of time. And I know better. Must work on awareness.
  10. I love my job. I get to help some pretty amazing people get back to doing the things they want to do. My clients are simply awesome.

Dev Chengkalath