Wash Your Hands – A Primal Public Service Announcement

avoid the fluOne of the most effective ways to avoid getting sick this flu season is simply washing your hands with soap and water.

Not just once. Or twice. But often.

Don’t be afraid to really scrub them for at least 15 seconds. And use lots of soap.

Wash them before you use the toilet. And definitely after using the facilities.how to avoid the flu

Wash them if you’ve been out in public, if you’ve put your hands on any doorknobs, railings or any other surface that you can think of that other people touch. Or that you touch, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you use public transportation, wash your hands. Have you seen what people do with their hands before holding on to those metalĀ  support poles on the bus?

If you use private transportation, wash your hands. Think about it…when’s the last time your steering wheel or gear shifter was really sanitized and cleaned?

If you shake hands with people, work with kids, adults, the elderly or anyone in between, wash your hands.

If you work with animals, please, please wash your hands. This includes birds, swine and primates.

Do you prepare food? If so, wash your hands. Do you eat food? If so, wash your hands. Wash ’em before and after for best results.

If you use an alcohol based hand sanitizer, you’ll still need to wash your hands with soap and water.

Some of those contaminants out there need to be mechanically scrubbed and washed off and unfortunately those gel, foam and spray sanitizers just don’t cut it. No one really wants a case of C. Difficile, do they?

Now that you wash your hands often, there’s only one more thing to do…

Avoid touching your face.

how to avoid the flu

If you can combine washing your hands with avoiding touching your face, you risk of picking up a nasty bug will drop off dramatically.

This has been a Primal Human Performance public service announcement.

Stay safe out there.