Swedish Massage Therapy and You

registered massage therapy vaughanWhat is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage (also known as classical massage) is one of the most commonly practiced techniques of massage therapy in North America and the Westernized world. This form of massage therapy, credited to the Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger, utilizes five styles of massage strokes applied by the massage therapist to the client to manipulate the various layers of muscle and connective tissues. These five basic flowing strokes are:

Effleurage – a smooth, sliding or gliding stroke along muscles and soft tissues

Petrissage – the kneading, squeezing or rolling of muscles and other soft tissues

Tapotement – a rhythmic alternating tapping completed with cupped hands, fingers or the edge of the hand

Friction – a deeper, circular movement causing layers of tissue to rub against each other

Vibration – a shaking, oscillation movement

Benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy:

There are numerous benefits of Swedish massage therapy for the individual receiving the treatment.

First and foremost, Swedish massage promotes relaxation and assists in managing stress.

It simply feels really good!

Taking the time out of your rushed and busy lifestyle, to take care of yourself, can help you refocus and re-energize. It allows you to step away from the daily grind, focus on relaxation and may help you alleviate accumulated tensions.

Secondly, there is some evidence showing that Swedish massage may be beneficial for helping decrease pain symptoms (e.g. from low back pain). Decreasing pain will allow you to get back to doing the things you enjoy doing, faster!

While further research is still needed to confirm all the benefits of massage therapy, some studies have demonstrated that this form of treatment has been helpful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, headaches, stress related issues (e.g. insomnia), myofascial pain syndromes, soft tissue strains and injuries, paresthesias and nerve pains, and sports injuries.1

Who would benefit from Swedish Massage:

If you have stress in your life, if your muscles feel tense or painful, or if you could use some help with relaxation, Swedish massage may be the right treatment for you!

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