Primal Youth Athletics and Fitness Programs


Primal Youth Athletics Programs

Movement Foundations 1
Movement Foundations 2
High Performance
Elite Sport Performance
Stage of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)
Learn to Train
Train to Train
Learn to Compete
Train to Compete
8-12 11-16  15-18+  17-21+
Sessions Per Week
2-3 3-4 4-6 4-6
Athlete Level
Novice Intermediate Advanced Advanced-Elite
The Basic S-Factors of Athletic Performance
Athletic Quality
Focus Level
High Moderate Maintenance Maintenance
High Intermediate + Intermediate + Sport Specific
Basic Intermediate High Sport Specific
Basic Intermediate + High Very High
Basic Intermediate + High Sport Specific
Program Specifics
Intro Programs
Coordination & Control Core Confidence Speed to Succeed Monthly Program
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Learn to Lift Explosive Strength
High Performance Programs
Monthly Monthly Monthly